Meeting Rooms

   We Specialize in unique applications with inviisble power and data feeds, offering endless creativity for your meeting room tables.


    Our access to numerous chair suppliers ensures that your team has comfort and style they desire at a price point that works. Whether you need a 24/7 chair or guest seating, we have it all..

     Modular Walls

    Full height wall partitions are available in a variety of hard and soft finishes readily adaptable to every business environment and aesthetic need - while dramatically reducing overall operating costs.


    Inscape furniture panels are designed to offer the flexibility of raised floors on a vertical plane; beneath the attractive exterior is a unique, patented open architecture that is seen as an industry benchmark. Inplus also offers Open Plan Systems, SPEC furniture and others to meet your quality and value needs.


   Storage pedestals, easy to grasp door / drawer pulls coupled with easy to operate gliders, and pneumatic overhead doors are designed for accessibility.

    Work Surfaces

   Soft edges, fully finished surfaces on all sides, clearance for undersurface freedom of movement, and adjustable height.

    Lighting & Electrical

    We offer ambient and task lighting options, accessible electrical monuments and convenient data access points.